Agile Coach Bot

stratejos helps coach your team to better productivity. Customise, measure and follow up on the team practices that matter to you.

Give relevant, timely reminders

The best advice is timely and relevant. stratejos automatically follows your team up and notifies them when the best practices you have set haven't been followed.

Track Practices & Team Behaviour

The most successful project teams are constantly looking for ways to improve and you can only improve what you can measure. Use stratejos to measure practices and team behaviour.

Recognize Your Top Contributors

People are our most important asset, with stratejos you can recognize and reward your project team's top contributors.

Give relevant, timely reminders to help your team learn faster

For team members to improve their productivity they need to get relevant and timely information. The problem is that you're busy so you can't be monitoring everything all the time. stratejos sends notifications right when it matters - like reminding about estimates if someone forgets to enter them.

Slack message for missing estimates
Practices Scorecard

Track Practices & Team Behaviour

Use the Practices Scorecard to keep track of the practices and behaviours that matter to you and your team. Use this to identify areas for improvement or problems.

Integrates with your tools


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