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Jira messages.
That you actually care about.

Ignoring noisy Jira notifications? 

Finding the balance between staying informed and being interrupted is hard. Stratejos gives you the control to customize your own messages on a schedule that works for you.


You're probably thinking ok but how do I keep our issues up to date in the first place? We have the answer...

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Bad Cop

Let stratejos be the bad cop.

You don't enjoy chasing people to update their issues and we can guess that your team doesn't either. Let stratejos prompt people for missing fields, overdue issues, and general status updates.

You control how often we chase people and exactly what they are asked to update - and we promise we are actually quite gentle about it. 


So how do we get the updates...

Updating Jira issues is painful.
We've made it easier

We've made it super simple for everyone to update their issues directly from Slack. Interactive messages let people update key details like status, assignee, due date and comments. 

With helpful bot commands your team can get even more done directly from Slack. 

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