Project Management Assistant for Software Teams

stratejos connects to your tools - like slack and JIRA - and takes care of the admin, reporting and follow-ups you never have time for. Then stratejos gives you insights plus it coaches you and your team on better practices. Free yourself up and improve performance.

Automate reporting

Automate project reporting

stratejos provides you with interactive dashboards, project financials and project analytics in real-time. stratejos also highlights data inaccuracy and uncertainty for you, so you don't get surprised.

Automate project admin

automate project admin

stratejos automates many of the more tedious and anti-social tasks required to run projects. For example, it follows up on missing information and can automate time tracking so you have actuals to work with.

Improve practices

data-driven practice improvement

stratejos provides you and your team with timely, relevant messages about how to improve your team practices and individual practices. You can then analyse and assess your practices through stratejos's practice analytics.

Integrates with your tools


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