smart assistant for managing projects

Helps you manage software teams

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Identifies risks
for you

identifies risks for you

stratejos constantly analyses your data to auto-identify risks and tells you about them so you can resolve them before they become problems.

reporting & analysis

automate project reporting

stratejos prepares daily briefings and comes with a suite of live dashboards, analytics and reports tailored for software projects.

Follows-up and
helps the team

auto-identify risks + auto-follow up

stratejos can talk with your team, let them know about any problems, help fix problems and follow-up for you.
No more nagging.

Stratejos helps you manage project teams.
Agile, waterfall, ad-hoc, ongoing, you name it.

Sprints not going to plan?

Find out if you have too much, too little or if priorites aren't being followed. Get sprint analytics to monitor progress, predict what will happen and debug what went wrong.

Running over time or over budget?

Get notifed of risks before they happen then visualise the impact they may have. Use advanced analytics to really understand where things are and where they are going.

People not following best practices?

Stratejos can show what practices need to be followed and link the impact through to project metrics so people understand why something is needed.

Sick of nagging and following up?

Let this friendly bot do it. stratejos follows up when things haven't been done. No more akward conversations or tedious daily checks. Plus, no need to worry about forgetting.

Integrates with your favourite tools


Don't see you favourite tool here? Request an integration

Get started in 5 minutes

1. Create a team, connect tools

The team creation wizard will help you create your team and connect your tools in a few quick clicks.

2. Ask for stratejos to help

stratejos only helps with the projects you tell it to. Once you tell it which, stratejos will read your project history and start monitoring everything in real-tme.

3. Sit back and be assisted

No need to change your workflow, stratejos will fit in with you and nudge you along if you need to improve. You can even ask it to leave your team alone until you're comfortable.


It is free to create a team in stratejos.

You pay for the integrations you need.

Slack and HipChat are free.

JIRA starts at $10/month after a free trial.