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Introducing Practices Scorecard – Measure & Nudge Best Practices

You’ve been asking us for better ways to understand and improve team behaviour so we’re really excited to announce the Practices Scorecard.

Practices Scorecard Overview

Practices Scorecards give you a purpose built tool for:

  • Setting up the practices that are important to your team
  • Measuring those practices
  • Encouraging (nudging) your teams to follow those practices

This post gives you an overview of the key areas of the Practices Scorecard feature then shows you how to set up your first practice.

Practices can be:

  • Automatically calculated by connecting your project management tools (e.g. automatically checking if people are entering estimates), or
  • Manually entered by a project manager or scrum master (e.g. stratejos messages a project manager each day at 9.30am to check if the standup occurred).

The users getting the most out of this feature start with one practice they want to focus on (like ensuring daily standups happen or making sure estimates get entered) then add more practices as their teams improve.

Measure Team Best Practices

You can only improve what you measure right? stratejos provides you with an easy way to measure the practices that are most important for you.

Here is a screenshot of a Practice Scorecard from an example agile team (one we prepared earlier):

Best Practices Scorecard

You can then drill down into each Practice and understand how that score was arrived at. For example, here is a close up of the drill down into a team’s track record of running their Daily Standups:

Daily Standup Reporting

Nudge better behaviour

Stratejos will then help encourage or nudge better practices within your teams by contacting them on email or your favourite chat tool.

Here is an example of the email sent for a Daily Standup:

This email will direct you or your project manager to a screen where you can enter whether you had the standup or not.

Enter a Practice Score

Setting up practices

Setting up a practice takes under 2 minutes. Here is a video showing that takes you through how the “Daily Standup” practice shown above was setup:

Setting up best practices

You can choose from an inbuilt practice with some intelligence behind it (e.g. automatically scoring a team on their ability to enter estimates) or you can setup your own.

When setting up your own the following options are available:

  • A practice that occurs at a regular frequency (e.g. daily at 9.30am, weekly on Friday, every second Monday).
  • A practice that is adhoc or a one-off
  • Yes/no practices
  • Rating style practices (enter a score from 1 to 10)

Here are some ideas for practices you might want to use:

  1. Daily Standup (did it take place?)
  2. Backlog Grooming (did it occur this week?)
  3. Tasks with estimates (what percent of tasks have estimates?)
  4. Tasks with estimates in this sprint (what percent of tasks have estimates in this sprint?)
  5. Sprint Planning (did we have sprint planning on Tuesday every second week?)




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