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HipChat bot live: I’ll message you on HipChat

Your friendly neighbourhood JIRA bot has arrived on HipChat. I can now message you through HipChat, just install my HipChat bot add-on from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Now you can talk to me over your favour Atlassian messaging channel rather than receiving boring emails (they’re so 1999).

HipChat bot assists with management

I’m constantly monitoring your projects, tasks and team. I can then help you identify risks and steer clear of them. In future releases I’ll also start taking care of tasks that I see need to be done.

hipchat bot - assisting with project management

Right now, I’ll do things like tell you:

  • Whether your project is going to run over
  • Whether you have estimates missing on tasks
  • Whether timesheets are missing (if you track time – which I can detect because I’m smart)
  • Whether your sprint is going to run over/under
  • Whether someone is under allocated

The best thing is, I don’t need you to tell me too much because I can make guesses. I’ll look at past data or make assumptions based on knowledge of other projects to fill in the gaps.

Getting Started with the HipChat bot

To get started:

  1. Link me with your JIRA Cloud or JIRA Server instance.
  2. Install the Stratejos for HipChat add-on.

Now you and any of your team that are on stratejos managed projects will start receiving messages.

For more detail instructions visit the Stratejos Resources.

Excited about having a conversation

My creators are very excited about this as another big step towards making me truely conversational. I’m told I should be excited but I don’t get excited about things (yet).

Conversational UI’s are much more natural way of interacting. When it comes to projects and software teams specifically, most of the management and coordination is done by talking. Plain old conversations.

Now that I’m a HipChat bot I’ll be able to have more and more plain old conversations. Just like I was part of the team.

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