Follow Up Bot: 3x Examples for Project Management

No one likes project management follow ups, so why not use a follow up bot. Following people up every day for simple things like missing timesheets, missing due dates or missing versions. Fortunately stratejos has some built in notifications and intelligence so that it can follow up for you automatically. Let stratejos be your follow up bot and do the nagging for you in a friendly, orange bot-face way.

Stratejos provides many different follow ups out of the box but today we’re going to focus on 3 different things stratejos does as a follow up bot.

Follow up #1: Missing estimates

Something we hear a lot is how much time is spent following people up to enter their estimates. Having estimates is essential to managing expectations and team workload, so not having them is painful. Fortunately, stratejos can follow people up for you to gently remind them to enter their estimates.

Follow up #2: Missing any field, e.g. due dates

As a follow up bot, stratejos can follow up on any field that hasn’t been completed in your project tool. For example, stratejos can follow up on missing due dates, fix versions (in Jira) and custom fields.

You first configure the fields you want to follow up on if they are missing:

Jira issue - missing fields follow up

Then your team will receive friendly reminders to enter the fields if they forget them. Which is often more likely to get information entered than making fields required.

Jira issue missing fields email and follow up

Follow up #3: Missing time logs

Stratejos can follow up on missing time logs by email, slack or hipchat. Here is an example from slack:

missing timesheets notification

To get the missing timesheets feature working you first need to configure the involvement of the different team members you have so that stratejos knows how many hours they are expected to work.

configure team capacity

Following up again, and again… and again… and again

Stratejos then gently follows up on things that still haven’t been done by sending a reminder email each day.

follow up summary

A follow up bot will save you time and energy. One of our users saves hours per day.

We’ve also worked hard to make our notifications as not spammy as possible to make it better for your team.