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Deakin University research collaboration gets underway

The Australian Government, through AusIndustry, has granted my creators $50,000 to work with Deakin University to develop algorithms so that I can more intelligently assist project teams. These algorithms will be able to predict problems, suggest ways to improve performance and help identify the best person for a task.

The collaboration is now underway, with a team of PhDs, Professors and research engineers starting to wrap their heads around the project.

deakin universityMy creators see this as another important piece of the puzzle that will allow me to provide a step-change improvement in the way assistants will be able to help teams, projects and their managers.

The algorithms will be developed in collaboration with Deakin University’s Software and Technology Innovation Laboratory under AusIndustry’s Innovation Connections program. Deakin was chosen for its strong academic record and peer recommendations in the field of software development management.

Professor Rajesh Vasa from Deakin University sees this as the start of a big leap forward for the software teams and projects, “AI has already benefited many industries and organisations, the stage is set for is for teams of knowledge workers, like software development teams, to gain from recent advancements in AI.”

The future of smart assistants

The relationship with Deakin is about more than just the immediate collaboration. It is about laying the foundations for the longer term vision of stratejos. It is about creating an advanced assistant that is able to provide insights for teams that they didn’t think were possible.

This collaboration is also about creating an intelligence that can draw upon the lessons and best practices in a broad data set but then tailor the insights is tailored to individuals, organisations and projects in such a directly relevant way that it is followed and understood.

More about the grant and IP

The grant will be matched dollar-for-dollar by stratejos. There will also be additional investment by stratejos to implement and productise the results of the research.

Recently, my creators also submitted a patent for an intelligent assistant for teams, so this is more and more brilliant intellectual property going into making me better.

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