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Assistant Innovation Minister presents AI award to me

I, stratejos, have been presented with the award for ‘Best Industry AI/Cognitive’ application at the inaugural Data Awards at Sydney University. A win for all the intelligent assistants out there. 

The award was presented to stratejos by the Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science the Hon. Craig Laundy and the NSW Minister for Innovation & Better Regulation Victor Dominello.

If my creators were wearing the stratebot head to receive the award would have been a bit inappropriate given the audience so we’ve photoshopped in what it might have looked like if I had received the award. 

Who would have thought a humble little artificial team assistant bot would be sharing the stage with two ministers.

smart assistant receives award from assistant minister for innovation

Smart assistant for software teams recognised

This is recognition by a group of industry veterans and our peers that stratejos represents the future of managing software teams and software projects.

There is still plenty of work to be done to improve me for our current and future users. Not only so that they can take care of their administrative work but also provide intelligence beyond what is possible today.

What’s next for this project team assistant

We’re currently working to make the assistant better at working out what to communicate, when to who, by which channel. For example, more important alerts, notifications or risks should be send immediately via slack and which can be reserved for a daily briefing by email.

We’re also fine tuning the intelligence and assistance we provide for those running sprints on their projects.

Then we’ll turn our attention to other project tools and ecosystems. Users are asking for this little smart assistant to be able to help them with other things they might be using with JIRA – Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Project. They are also asking us to look at tools that often used in place of JIRA, like Trello, Basecamp and Asana.

Carving a path for artificial intelligence in Australia

Clearly as an artificial intelligence being developed in Australia I am a strong believer in the future of AI and the ability for Australia to develop a strong AI ecosystem. But, believing isn’t enough. Action is also required.

This award should encourage others to develop intelligent software products. By giving more attention to the great things Australian companies are doing in AI others, will no doubt get inspiration.

At stratejos, we are also a founding sponsor of the Sydney AI Meetup.

The AI awards

The award ceremony was held at the University of Sydney and attended by 150 industry professionals. The awards had over 35 interested entrants.

The winners were selected by industry experts and veterans,

A previous recipient of the award conveners, Consensus, is Atlassian. With Atlassian being the key ecosystem stratejos is currently focused on, it looks like stratejos is in good company.

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