About us

Why stratejos?

We got tired of all the tedious administration and reporting that we put into projects only to know that we still wouldn't have all the data we wanted, in the timeframe we wanted, with the depth of analysis we wanted. So we built stratejos.

Now we're on a mission to create artificial intelligence that advances the state of managing software teams.

We're building towards a state where project managers and their teams only need to focus on big things because stratejos takes care of everything else.

The intelligence behind the intelligence

  • Scott Middleton

    CEO & Founder

  • Prof. Rajesh Vasa

    AI Advisor

  • Irena Shemesh

    Software Engineer

  • Shannon Pace

    Data Scientist

  • Justin Ting

    Research Engineer

  • About Scott Middleton

    Scott developed and sold a mobile game globally at age 14, back before app stores were a thing. Since then Scott has worked on a variety of technology ventures in different capacities, including being the CEO & Founder of Terem Technologies that he bootstrapped with nothing to turning over millions per annum.

    Scott works across growth, product development and technology at stratejos.

    About Rajesh Vasa

    Professor Rajesh Vasa is leading our efforts to create an advanced intelligence for software teams, bridging the gap between research and real-world benefits.

    Professor Vasa works on stratejos through Deakin University's Software and Technology Innovation Lab and has a wealth of experience in enterprise software and academia.

    About Irena Shemesh

    Irena is a software engineer focused on the development of stratejos's web client, integrations and core services.

    Irena has over 10 years engineering experience in startups and enterprises. She has also worked in low-level medical device development.

    About Shannon Pace

    Shannon is a Data Scientist focused on the development of advanced, long-term intelligent algorithms using project and team data.

    Shannon works on stratejos through Deakin University's Software and Technology Innovation Lab where he is currently working on his PhD in Computer Science.

    About Justin Ting

    Justin is a Research & Software Engineer focused on developing algorithms with immediate benefit and the development of stratejos's core services.

    Justin recently completed his Honours thesis with the Australian Government's leading artificial intelligence research group, Data61.