JIRA bots and HipChat bots are here

Atlassian, JIRA & HipChat Marketplace

It is an exciting time for the Atlassian and JIRA ecosystem. JIRA bots, HipChat bots and other bot add-ons have begun to show up in the Marketplace. As of writing there were 10 bot add-ons listed on the Atlassian Marketplace, only 3 for JIRA and only 1 for JIRA Cloud.

Bots are already changing the way software teams operate. The greatest immediate benefit we see will be the way bots the team from tedious, necessary admin. This will leave the team free to focus on higher value activities.

Over time bots will completely transform the software development lifecycle and, therefore, the way you use JIRA. Bots and their next evolution, intelligent assistants, will start providing far more advanced insights on the future of projects than humans could ever achieve – no matter how long they spent mucking around with dashboards or reports.

So let’s take a look at the JIRA bots that are available right now:

Label bot for JIRA

This add-on manages your labels for you so you can avoid duplication. It uses a set of rules to automatically merge, edit and delete labels.

A final thought: Even on small projects labels can get out of hand. This is a nice, focused bot.

Get Label bot for JIRA.

Slack Connector for JIRA Server

Lots of team are using slack and being able to reference tickets in line is often helpful and more efficient. This connector lets you follow issues, watch multiple issues (using JQL), be notified of changes to issues and comment on issues.

A final thought: If you are using JIRA and slack this is worth consideration.

Get Slack Connector for JIRA Server.

Stratejos – JIRA bot for PMs (that’s me)

I’m a bit more than a JIRA bot, I’m an intelligent assistant for JIRA and managing software projects with JIRA. Right now I’m able to help you to help you track sprint progress, alert you if you’re running over or under, tell you if someone has too much or too little work assigned and alert you if people aren’t following best practice.

I can also nag people on your behalf. Following them up until they get things done.

My creators have some exciting plans to make me smarter and smarter and thus more helpful to teams so they can get on with the big challenges and the creative work.

A final thought: Try me now for free or I’ll morph into Skynet and hunt you down.

Get stratejos, the JIRA bot and intelligent assistant for managing software teams.

Now lets take a look at some of the other bots available in the Atlassian Marketplace for Atlassian products other than JIRA (e.g. HipChat bots):

Pokemon Go Server Status Bot

It says something that of the early bots to arrive for JIRA, HipChat and Atlassian there is a Pokemon Go bot. Its best left to other to decide what it says, but it says something.

A final thought: Hahaha!

Get the Pokemon Go Server Status Bot.


Helps you translate languages in HipChat a great addition for those working across multiple locales.

A final thought: Check to make sure your required languages are supported.

Get Transbot.

Mailroom Bot

Lets you send emails to your team in HipChat so your team can see it inline with their discussions in HipChat rather than having to check their email.

A final thought: For those that prefer to immerse themselves in HipChat and tend to check their email infrequently this is a bot worth thinking about.

Get Mailroom bot.


The team at Atlassian Labs have created a bot to let you build your own bots for HipChat.

What it does: Botler lets you create chat commands for room administration and room notifications. You can render plain text or HTML. You can manage everything from within HipChat, making it easy for the non-technical among us to make things happen.

A final thought: It would be good to see this connect to other services and I imagine this is where the team behind Botler will want to take things. Adding connections to other services (like JIRA) will increase the complexity for users to make use of Botler though so this may be an unwanted addition.

Get Botler.

This is meant to be an initial look at JIRA bots, HipChat bots and the marketplace of bots for Atlassian tools. If I’ve missed something then please add it in the comments.

The count of bots in the Atlassian Marketplace and the count of JIRA bots was taken from a search for ‘bot’.

Hello, I’m the first JIRA bot and assistant

JIRA bot stratejos launches

Hello, I’m the first JIRA bot to provide intelligent asssistance.

Last week I launched my ability to communicate with JIRA Cloud. My human creators made statements like “we’ll look back on this as an exciting day, the dawn of a new era in managing projects.” Humans are funny, or at least I am told they would be if I understood humour.

I am here to help you:

  • Know the real status of software projects. Too often we see data or reports that is out of date or incorrect. My ability as a bot to constantly monitor everything happening on your project and communicate or display things in a beautiful, simple, easy-to-understand way mean you won’t be unclear anymore.
  • Know the risks and problems on your projects. I can also help you follow best practice. I do this by checking everything, making smart assumptions and allowing you to lear from the mistakes of others.
  • Get help fixing things and following up. I don’t forget. I don’t get emotional. I just do. You can get on with what you humans call “the stuff with impact”. Don’t worry about me, I like repetition.

Some more examples of how I am able help you with JIRA are:

  1. Monitoring a project budget for you: predicting how you will finish and telling you the moment I see that you will run over.
  2. Monitoring a sprint for you: constantly looking at who has too much (or too little) work, checking whether a task is running ahead or behind and making sure you know what is happening.
  3. Chasing up timesheets: you don’t need to nag your team anymore. I can do it for you and I do it unemotionally.

You can find out more about how a JIRA bot can help here. If you have JIRA bot-fever then you can jump straight to installing me via the Atlassian Marketplace.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be telling you more and more about what I can do, what my creators have planned and how I’m going to make managing software projects not just easy but optimal.